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      Software integrado, metering, supervisión medioambiental y soluciones de seguridad para la energía, la refrigeración y el espacio de TI.

      Gestión de la infraestructura de Data Centers (DCIM)

      • Reconocimiento Schneider Electric, nombrada líder del Gartner Magic Quadrant para la administración de infraestructura de Data Centers

        Gartner, Inc. situó recientemente a la suite de software StruxureWare™ for Data Centers a la cabeza de su Magic Quadrant for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). El Magic Quadrant de Gartner, fuente de comparaciones competitivas en el ámbito de las tecnologías de la información de reconocido prestigio, ofrece análisis en profundidad y resúmenes visuales de la orientación y madurez de los principales mercados y proveedores.

        Descargue un ejemplar gratuito del informe Gartner Magic Quadrant 2014.
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      • Every square foot matters

        True data center optimization requires visibility into and control of the entire data center, including electrical, mechanical and IT. Manage your entire data center, not just parts and pieces.

        Learn more about BMS and DCIM integration
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      • Operating your data center based on facts

        Data centers are dynamic in nature, but the tools operators use are often static, making cost and capacity optimization nearly impossible.

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        Los usuarios de los Data Centers tienen el reto de planificar, supervisar y usar sus instalaciones del servidor al rack, a la fila, a la sala y al edificio. La complejidad de implementar el software de Administración de Infraestructura de Data Centers (DCIM) a través de múltiples funciones es la barrera más importante para la adopción de un enfoque integrado en toda la empresa para mejorar la sustentabilidad.

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        StruxureWare for Data Centers

        Our integrated data center management helps data center operators boost efficiency and reliability with minimal effort.
        • Building management Monitor, measure and optimize your building's performance throughout its life cycle
        • Power monitoring Gain comprehensive electrical system intelligence for your data center
        • Data center management Manage data center assets, operational and capital costs
        • IT infrastructure and device monitoring Monitor any networked physical infrastructure device in your data center
        • Energy & sustainability Track and manage enterprise energy and carbon costs
        • Data center lifecycle services Simplify the process of planning, deploying, and operating the most efficient and reliable facitlities
        • Leveraging software for an optimized data center The continued emergence of DCIM software is changing how top companies operate and manage their data center. Joel Stone, VP of CenturyLink, explains the many benefits of implementing a DCIM solution.
        • SKY picks Keysource and Schneider Electric to manage the UK Data Centers Infrastructure

          SKY has rolled out a new DCIM solution across its UK data center estate, chosen to deliver a range of operational, performance, cost and efficiency benefits across SKY’s business.


        • Blue Schneider One icon We’re recognized as best in class by 3rd party experts.
        • Blue ruler icon We’re passionate about implementation and ensuring you achieve your ROI goals.
        • Default Alternative Text As a trusted provider of holistic solutions, we build data centers daily and will continue to do so.
        • Default Alternative Text Our open software platform provides integrations with IT systems and strong partnerships.
        • Blue continuity icon One size doesn’t fit all - our modular and scalable DCIM solutions allow you to build as you grow.
        • Default Alternative Text Our deployment teams are experienced in complex integrations and provide dedicated global support.

        One size doesn’t fit all - That is why our DCIM solution offers flexibility, and the option to build as your grow

        • Default Alternative Text Maturity You need to monitor before you can analyze & optimize - we will be with you all the way, adapting to your current business needs.
        • Default Alternative Text Implementation If you feel a little out of your depth, let us help - or even run it! We offer installation configuration, integrations , education – and even managed services.
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        DCIM Solution Benefits

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          • Analyze energy use and spend, and benchmark against energy and carbon markets.
          • Track carbon, water, waste and other environmental footprints.
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          • Gain an instant overview of data center inventory and real-time device alarms.
          • Reduce energy costs through planning and optimizing physical infrastructure capacities.
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          • Monitor, measure and optimize your building's performance throughout its life cycle.
          • Facilitate the exchange and analysis of data from energy, lighting, fire safety and HVAC.
        • IT technician working on data center and looking at tablet, internet of things, energy management software, machine control.
          • Monitor any networked physical infrastructure device in your data center.
          • Get instant fault notification of critical infrastructure events, and generate user-defined reports and graphs.
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          • Gain comprehensive electrical system intelligence for your data center.
          • Reduce unplanned outages and manage power loading, balancing and distribution efficiency.
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          • Efficient installation and registration by trained Field Service Engineers in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.