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      Gestión de motor

      Ayudamos a optimizar y simplificar tu solución de gestión de motor a la vez que mantenemos el rendimiento de tus operaciones y procesos

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    • A Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) carrier awaiting for a cargo loading at Bintulu Port.

      LNG Ship Motor Starting Analysis

      Analyses and recommendations for large motors starting in limited power LNG ship.

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      How do you approach motor management?

      Electrical motor management is often associated with motor maintenance, but involves much more. It concerns multiple electrical, mechanical and maintenance challenges for end-users, designers and equipment manufacturers. Associating extensive offer portfolio, competencies and know-how, Schneider Electric helps you for a sustainable motor integration in the electrical system and the industrial process.

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      Expert services for motor applications

      To analyze application constraints and guarantee motor compatibility

      Expertise is at the heart of our motor management solution. With dedicated software, relevant analyses, or services for electrical equipment, Schneider Electric supports your projects from design to operation and maintenance. 


      • Software 
      • Expert analyses 
      • On-site support and services

      Advanced motor control

      To ensure starting feasibility and operating mode benefits

      Motor starting or operations control are fundamental for your process and the definition of the motor management solution from Schneider Electric. We offer a complete range of advanced motor control equipment to meet all your process constraints with regard to your power system requirements. 


      • Auto-transformer starters 
      • Reduced voltage soft starters 
      • Variable speed drives

      Motor protection and control

      To define suitable protection and integration in the industrial control system

      Our motor management solution not only provides a means of starting the motor but also includes a protection unit comprising switchgear and protection relays. We offer a wide range of protection devices for protecting the motor and ensuring correct starting, while helping to ensure operator safety. 


      • Protection relays
      • Motor starters (DOL, Star-Delta)

      Power quality

      To maximize energy efficiency

      Choosing the correct capacitor bank, harmonic mitigation system, or transformer will ensure correct operation of the motor in the process with a minimum impact on the supplying power system. 


      • Power factor correction
      • Active filters
      • Transformers (indoor and outdoor)

      Motor asset management

      Through condition assessment or by using historian data, motor and application failures can be avoided in the early stages. We offer an extensive range of products to help you in this approach. 


      • Portfolio management
      • Operational performance
      • Motor condition assessment

      Challenges for High-Power Motor Management

      • Electric installation

        • Maintain system voltage at acceptable level during start-up. 
        • Control power factor and harmonics in normal operation. 
        • Limit fault current contribution and impact on equipment sizing and cost.

      • Process and mechanics

        • Define an adequate torque and speed control solution for the application. 
        • Avoid premature aging by limiting the mechanical stress on start-up.

      • Maintenance

        • Adapt maintenance actions to the specific characteristics of high-power motors. 
        • Properly schedule maintenance operations. 
        • Integrate preventive maintenance from the design of the electrical installation

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