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    • Historian Client

      EcoStruxure™ Foxboro DCS

      EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS industrial historian client provides the interface for data stored in EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS client.

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  • Overview

    Historian Client enables trend analysis and reporting that guide intelligent troubleshooting, and help identify opportunities for cost savings. Tight integration with Microsoft Office® applications allows even novices to publish historical reports to the web or company intranet.

    Tight integration with a DCS historian includes automatic switchover to redundant historian server. If communication is lost for any reason, the data is still available for forwarding when communication is restored, ensuring that any holes in the historical record are closed, thus providing a complete picture of the process.
  • Benefits

    • Facilitates easy, cross-site reporting and performance metrics
    • Aids in regulatory-compliance requirements
    • Provides single-software infrastructure for data storage and reporting
    • Reduces capital expenses and IT infrastructure costs
  • Features

    Historical trend analysis and reporting
    • User-friendly database query tool for generating report data
    • Ability to publish historical reports to web or company intranet using Microsoft Office via Excel® and Word® add-ins
    • Library of component-based .NET and ActiveX controls for extending other applications
  • Applications

    • Refining and petrochemicals
    • Upstream and midstream oil and gas
    • Chemicals and specialty chemicals
    • Power generation
    • Metals, mining and minerals
    • Water and wastewater
    • Food and beverage
    • Life sciences and pharmaceuticals

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