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    • Overview

      Whether you are implementing a new system or fine-tuning an existing one, powerful Foxboro Control Editor software simplifies and speeds up your engineering efforts and provides the flexibility to make last-minute changes without jeopardizing schedule or project integrity. Intuitive, easy-to-use configuration tools make understanding, troubleshooting and minimizing manual steps easy. Remote engineering and virtualization capabilities improve speed and accuracy while reducing risk.
    • Features

      Control logic design

      Unique dynamic SAMA implementation to streamline design by keeping engineers oriented to the process stage

      Remote engineering and virtualization

      - Design from anywhere for anywhere
      - Utilize within a safe, high-fidelity virtual environment
    • Benefits

      • Cut engineering workload by up to 60%
      • Ability to build engineering logic within clearer context of legacy processes and control strategies
      • Intuitive configuration and fault finding
      • Risk-free testing of control configurations
      • Greater flexibility to make changes with minimal schedule impact
      • Faster diagnosis and remediation
    • Applications

      • Hydrocarbon processing
      • Chemical and specialty chemicals
      • Upstream oil and gas
      • Power generation
      • Metals and mining
      • Water and wastewater
      • Pharmaceutical and life sciences

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