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      Renovaciones, decoración y diseño con energía inteligente en mente.

      Decorate your home

      Decorate your home with Schneider Electric products designed for you

      Do you want to decorate your home?

      Paint may create a joyful ambiance in a room, and change your mood completely. Lighting and electric equipment may make a difference as for decoration and style, setting the basis for whatever you want to add later.
      Let us show you some interesting and novel ideas. All of them can make of your home, a more pleasant place for you and your loved ones. When choosing switches and mechanisms, you may play with different styles, finishing, materials and colors, or choose total minimalism, in order to widen horizons in the universe of decoration

      Decorate your home with Schneider Electric products designed for you

      Details that make a difference

      If you like modern things, metal finishing conveys a clearly contemporaneous message. Possibilities ofmetal finishing are unlimited, from the simplest like aluminum, up to the most elegant, like titanium. Crystal finishing provides distinction to the most traditional and elegant pieces.

      Add a touch of color to neutral rooms. Apply retro notes to minimalist designs, or combine dark switches with light color walls to get a daring graphical effect. In practice, possibilities are just as unlimited as creative ideas.

      Decorate your home with Schneider Electric products designed for you

      Discover new ideas per type of room

      Discover our products and solutions

      Unlimited possibilities

      If you like design and sophistication, we offer you the most advanced control devices for home, for with easy programming and use, just like a smartphone. If your home is mor traditional, full of memories and details, respect this spirit by giving a discrete and classical touch to the same controls.

      Lighting may be thought to be practically invisible, or designed to highlight the details of your home, which you like the most. You may use, jointly, controls and your home decoration, or choose some which are totally discrete. Adapting controls from all your home to your lifesytle is easier than ever.

      Design with your own rules. Enjoy the result.

      Create your own ambiance

       When lighting a room, you must consider many aspects. What part do you want to direct attention to? We propose ideas so that your home is comfortable and functional at the same time.

      In a living room or a large bedroom, you may want to direct atention to your favorite work of art, highlight family photos or even highlight wallpaper. At the dining room, the table must stand out of walls, so it would be necesary to have a discrete and adjustable light point. An intelligent design of lighting and of electric equipment may totally change the ambiance of a room, providing coheison to the living room, and giving rise to a cozy appearance.

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