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    • Conecte su casa con una solución de automatización del hogar de Schneider Electric

      Hogar conectado

      Control remoto intuitivo para el hogar para comodidad, conveniencia y paz mental.

      Connected Home

      Wiser Air® – The smart thermostat, made Wiser.

      Make the Wiser Choice

      Home Energy Management

      Make the Wiser choice choice for maximized savings, comfort and control. Wiser Air is a home energy management solution that gives you peace of mind through effortless control of comfort and savings. Wiser Air allows you to not only save energy, but maintain your comfort while enjoying convenience, control and sense of satisfaction in helping the environment and your community. With insights into your home energy use you have the power to make wiser choices for your home, budget, and family.

      You're in control. It's that simple. Wiser lets you see and control your energy use from a number of smart devices like your smart phone, tablet, or PC. Putting you in full command of your home, Wiser Air delivers scheduling that's simple to set and modify with a tap through your customized interface.

      Mobile Accessories

      Mobile Accessories

      Now you can trust the legendary reliability of APC while you're on the go. The new Mobile Power Packs from APC by Schneider Electric provide the extra power you need to watch videos on your flight from New York to Tokyo or listen to music during an outdoor adventure. The lightweight, compact design charges USB devices from cameras to smartphones and tablets. APC's mobile power packs keep your mobile devices charged so you stay connected throughout life's journeys.

      Connected Home

      Back UPS Connect

      You depend on your network every day. Stay connected to the Internet during power outages by backing up home networking equipment and charging your smart devices with Back-UPS™ Connect™.

      Storms and power outages can easily sever your network connection, just when you need it the most. Losing network access breaks our line of communication for business operations, news and weather updates, and restricts us from contacting friends and family during emergencies. Back-UPS Connect will keep your network up and running for hours and charge your mobile devices as needed, so you are always connected, even when the power goes out.

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